Health Supplements Most Recommended for Men

If there are health supplements that are very much recommended for women, there are also supplements for men, especially for cystic acne. For guys out there, the right supplement for you should be able to help with your cardiovascular health, strengthen your immune system and help improve your sex life. Taking the wrong health supplements, however, can cause harmful effects to your health in the long run.

Most men just prescribe themselves with supplements that they think they should take, but these health and nutritional products should not be taken with abandon. They have to be used carefully because once you have too much of a certain nutrient, serious problems might arise.

According to doctors and extensive researches, here are the best supplements recommended for men.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps strengthen bones by helping them absorb calcium, so women are not the only ones who could greatly benefit from this vitamin. Vitamin D has also been linked to recent research studies to having a lower heart attack risk, a lesser chance of having colorectal cancer and a reduced risk of having depression.

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Fish oil

Because it is full of the very essential omega-3 fatty acid, fish oil can greatly help lower levels of triglycerides, boost the good cholesterol in their body and control blood pressure. But your heart is not the only organ that could benefit from fish oil.

The healthy fats from this supplement can also help improve cognitive performance, reduce inflammation and give you a lesser chance of having colon and prostate cancers.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is an amino acid that helps convert fat stores in the body to energy. It also boosts our body’s antioxidant activity. When taken in supplement form, Acetyl L-Carnitine may help protect the gray matter from the damage that is caused by aging and stress. A study conducted in the year 2006 showed that people who had 1,000 milligrams of these supplements showed signs of relief from mild chronic depression.


Men usually take up work that would require the use of a lot of their energy stores. If you are having a low endurance problem, then this supplement could be your solution. According to the findings of a research study conducted by the University of North Carolina, people who don’t regularly exercise but take up about 500 mg of this antioxidant supplement twice every day were able to bicycle thirteen percent longer than those who were not given with the supplement. Quercetin can also help lower the LDL particle oxidation and reduce the constriction of blood vessels.


This is a building block of cartilage and can greatly aid in relieving pain and inflammation of the joints. A recent research study done to test the effectiveness of Glucosamine found out that it is even more effective in relieving knee osteoarthritis symptoms as compared to acetaminophen.


Mostly found in tomatoes, this very effective antioxidant can potentially help reduce your risk of having prostate cancer. Researchers say that lycopene may work by altering the metabolism of the hormone, thus causing the cancer cells to self-destruct.

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