Acne Is Super Common in Adults

Acne is a common issue that effects majority of people at some time in their lives, male or female, whether it be when they are young and hormonal, or older with sensitive and damaged skin. The good news is that it does clear up you just have to find the correct treatment for you.

A lot of the time there is a hormonal element that contributes to your bad skin, however it can also be caused by an imbalance of nutrients that are found in your daily diet. If your hormones aren’t being broken down internally, this will become evident in your skin as your skin is the largest detoxification organ in your body.

Acne not only effects the way you look, it also plays a huge factor in the way that you feel within yourself. It lowers your confidents and self-esteem as you become self conscious of the way you look and feel like everyone is looking at you and judging you for your appearance. This can cause many people to reduce the amount they socially interact with people and result in them becoming isolated and mentally drained. This can cause a domino effect with your skin and can cause it to become worst rather than better. There are also now a multitude of reviews of products like Misumi and Exposed Skin care Reviews

Hormones Imbalances are the root cause…

Many people think that the only cause to bad skin is an imbalance in oestrogen and testosterone levels, however these are not the only hormones that effect your skin. Insulin plays a massive role in the makeup of your bodys hormones, and if you develop high levels of insulin in the body this can aggravate your skin resulting in a break out. High levels of insulin causes this because it stimulates your bodys oil glands, causing your skin to become oily and blocking your pores.

Insulin is one of the bodys natural hormones and everyone produces it. It is produced by the pancreas every time we eat and digest food, however there are certain foods that make us produce higher levels of insulin. High-glycemic foods and foods that are high in sugar are the main foods that cause the insulin levels in your bloodstream to increase and stimulate oil production in the skin.

Your gut health can be another root cause to major breakouts. Your gut can be effected by multiple things, comprising of possible food sensitivities that you may have and not be aware of, a low production of digestive enzymes, regular contact to inflammatory foods and an imbalance of gut flora. All of these can result in, poor nutrient absorption, and inflammation of the gut. A combination of poor digestion and slow detoxification in your skin will result in acne forming.

Without a doubt the best way to help clear up ace and bad skin in general is to start from in the inside out. While topical treatments are good for a quick fix they are not a long term solution and you will be battling with the zits until you find that internal balance that your body requires.

Many women will go to the doctors to try and find a remedy for their bad skin, and one of the first things they will try is to prescribe them with birth control, this works by adding hormones to the body in the hope that it will help balance the hormone levels that the body is already naturally producing. However yet again this is not a long term fix and you also run the risk of coming across side effects as a result of taking the hormonal birth control.

When a female has a breakout the first thing they will do is run to their makeup bag to find anything that they can use to cover it up, unfortunately the only thing this will do is make it worse however we are all guilty of doing it. When you apply products to your skin they only thing you are doing is clogging up the pores and not allowing the skin only resulting in further breakouts. One of the best treatments for your skin is to wash it in warm water and leave it with nothing on allowing it to breath and begin to naturally recover.

Choosing the right product for acne prone skin

There are thousands of different skin products out there with varying benefits. Many of them contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulphur, all of which are used to dry out your skin. The issue with this is that your skin detects the fact that it is drying out and as a way of trying to prevent this will actually begin to produce more oil and result in further skin blemishes. Another issue with using these is that they burn the top layer of your skin damaging it and causing the spots to appear redder, more sore and even more apparent.

This brings me on nicely to picking your skin and touching it. Rule number 1 is that you should keep your hands away from your skin especially if you are in the middle of a break out. Your hands are covered in bacteria and the last thing you need is for that bacteria to get onto and into and broken areas of skin as this will only cause more blemishes to form. As tempting as it is when you see a zit you just want to squeeze it and get rid of it, this is never a good idea, as it can potentially lead to scaring. As soon as you begin to squeeze the blemish to release the puss that is inside, you begin to run the risk of only pushing the bacteria further into your skin and spreading it around, causing more pimples.

Its human instinct to see bad skin and think that is must be the way you are cleaning you skin that is causing it, so run to the shops to find the best thing to scrub it with, be this a washcloth, exfoliating scrub, or even electric scrubber. The only thing that you will acheave by scrubbing your skin with these products is more breakouts. As soon as you begin to do this you are scrubbing the active acne that is on your skin and spreading the bacteria across your skin, only making the condition worse.